Our Team

Premier Packaging is staffed with a large, multi-certified, multi-trained workforce, most of whom have been with us over a decade.

Santa Fe Springs Facility

Vicki Haringa - Owner / President

Vicki is proud to be a California native who completed 12 years of education at local Catholic schools. Upon her graduation she began working with First Western Bank, where she quickly moved into the position of Operations Manager. After proving herself out on her own, her father offered her a position in the family business as their front office secretary and bookkeeper's assistant at Prima Die Company. She later joined her brother at his start-up business as their Office Administrator and Bookkeeper.

In 1986, Vicki and Randy were married, and after just one year decided that they would also enjoy being their own bosses. They soon created Premier Packaging and Assembly, and over 30 years have grown the small company into an organization that spans multiple facilities and many areas of the southwest United States.

As our President, Vicki oversees all upper level decision making, accounting; environmental and licensing issues; and plant sanitation. She loves her work, and is enjoying watching the second generation of her family step into her and Randy's shoes.

Randy Haringa - Owner / General Manager

As co-founder of Premier, one of Randy's biggest sources of pride is the way in which the company has maintained its family "flavor" from its early days to the present. As the Haringa family has grown over these 30 years, so has the Premier family, with 5 facilities and up to 1000 employees during the "blessed" periods of the year (as Randy says). Premier is now truly a multi-generational, female-owned, and family run business, with many employees having up to 20 years tenure.

Randy attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and his journeys took him to Suntree Projects as VP and General Manager. During his years at Suntree, many projects crossed the owner's desk that he didn't want to be involved with. As Premier began, Randy received Suntree's blessing to take on some of the projects they weren't interested in, such as shrink-wrapping. The club stores were just getting established at the time, and Premier has grown with them to complete similar projects, and much, much more.

As General Manager of Premier, Randy heads up the sales department, and is mentoring the next generation to ensure the company is heading in the right direction.

Candice Olson - Operations Manager

In the 30 years Candice has been working at Premier, she has done almost every job in the book. Her first years with Premier were spent making coffee and donut runs, and filing paperwork after the school bus dropped her off. After graduating from Valley Christian High School she became a full time employee, and cut her teeth as a Customer Service Representative on her 21st birthday. Since that time she has grown to become an integral part of the company and is lovingly referred to as "the glue" by her father Randy.

Candice's favorite part about working with her family is the daily challenges it brings, and the joy she feels when everything works out in the end. Watching her family business grow from 2000 square feet to 4 campuses brings a joy to her heart that no one could ever take away.

When she's not at work she enjoys traveling with her husband Vince, barbequing with friends, and going to concerts in and around Southern California. The Olsons welcomed their first son, Alessandro, to the world in 2016.

Victor Ramirez - Customer Service Manager

Victor was born and raised in Chicago, and originally came to California only temporarily. He studied for a career as a field electrician, yet somehow ended up in the Asbestos field as an Air Quality Inspector.

Premier was lucky enough to come across Victor in a temporary capacity, and after only a few months he was integrated into a full time position. Since then he has moved into the position of CSR Manager, in which he oversees all projects that are assigned to his team of Customer Service Representatives.

Victor is known by all at Premier to be an excellent problem solver and customer liaison. He feels that although Premier has many departments and a strong internal structure with many rules and processes, Premier feels more like a family than just a company.

Nineth Vera - Warehouse Manager

Nineth was born and raised in Guatemala and came to California 14 years ago. She graduated from CSS High School in Guatemala City, where she completed the Bilingual Secretary program.

Before entering the packaging world, she gained experience in the Hospitality field as a manager at the Hyatt Hotel in Guatemala City. Her breadth of knowledge in packaging is extensive: Before moving into her current position as our Warehouse Manager, she was a line worker, forklift driver, inventory control supervisor, and Shipping and Receiving supervisor.

Nineth loves children. She was a swimming coach for 5 years and has many neices and nephews she loves to spend time with. Her other hobbies include playing soccer, and watching as many action movies as she can get her hands on.

Juan Ventura - Shipping & Receiving Manager

Juan is a California native, born in Compton and a resident of Lynwood for most of his life. He graduated from Lynwood High School in 1986, and completed an accounting program at a local trade school soon after.

Juan is a seasoned shipping veteran, as he's been in the warehouse environment on and off for over 20 years. During this time he's been a S&R office clerk, inventory clerk, administrative assistant, traffic coordinator, forklift operator, warehouse supervisor, yard goat operator, and traffic manager. He is truly a "jack of all trades."

Juan enjoys giving back to his community, as he assisted teaching martial arts to "at risk" teenagers as part of the LAPD Jeopardy Program in the late 90's. He was also the strength coach for his alma mater's football team, the Lynwood High School Knights, for 8 years. He still enjoys lifting weights and strength training when he's not out playing with his 3 dogs.

Vincent Olson - Quality Assurance Manager

As our Special Projects administrator Vince is tasked with coordinating projects that do not fall into the spectrum of normal contract packaging operations, such as vendor certifications, safety audits, and internal administrative matters.

Along with Abraham, he helps create, maintain, and implement the Quality Assurance programs at all of our facilities. As our Webmaster he maintains this website, along with the website for our Arizona operation, Essential Packaging.

Vince was born and raised in Long Beach, California. He attended Saint Anthony High School, followed by the University of Southern California where he studied Business Administration. His hobbies and interests include travel, music, and cooking for his family and friends. The Olsons welcomed their first son, Alessandro James Olson, to the world in 2016.