About Us

Premier Packaging and Assembly is your complete Contract Packaging solutions company. As a family here at Premier Packaging, we build our business around one core principle: Our success comes only with our customer's success. We are a customer focused company striving to be our customers complete solution. We take pride in our ability to exceed our customer's expectations by following three simple values:

Creating a work environment based on delivering what the customer needs, when the customer needs it, and precisely how they want it.

Maintaining the highest level of quality control. and...

Insisting on open and honest communication with our customer through clear and precise systems and structures.

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Our Story

The first notion of what would eventually become Premier Packaging surfaced as Randy Haringa, Premier's Co-founder and General Manager, worked as Vice President and General Manager of Suntree Products. A manufacturer and packager of citrus juice products, Suntree was often presented opportunities for packaging other types of goods. While these side projects were not of great interest to Suntree at the time, Randy and his wife Vicki saw them as a great opportunity to start a new company.

With Suntree's blessing and assistance, Randy began pursuing those opportunities, and Premier Packaging was born.

Our first project was stripping and relabeling cans, followed by shrink-wrapping the cans into four, six, and eight packs. Randy and Vicki enlisted the entire family as employees: His mother, sister, and 5 year old daughter (in charge of coffee), along with most of the rest of his family and friends as time permitted. Premier's first customer, Mitsui Foods, and our first paid employee, Shelly, are still both with us to this day.

The large membership-based club stores such as Price Club were just gaining momentum when Premier opened its doors, affording us many opportunities to grow along with them. With companies like Classico Pasta Sauce, Nabisco, General Foods, and Heinz as customers, Premier grew steadily in the emerging club store environment.

Premier bought our first two brand new L-Sealers in 1985 with the assistance of a family friend. Purchased from Western Flexible, who is now Landsberg/Orora, this was a huge step for Premier at the time. With this new equipment and subsequent increase in sales, Premier finally outgrew its first small office and warehouse. Through many years, equipment purchases, and warehouse moves, Premier has grown from a small 2,500 square foot operation to 200,000 square feet of space at our main Santa Fe Springs Campus.

The next big move occurred years later when Premier opened a sister company in Phoenix as a "4PL"; in conjunction with a large logistics company. They needed a co-packer who could allow them to focus solely on their specialties of warehousing and distribution. It has been a wonderful relationship which continues to flourish. Premier has fostered new relationships in Arizona and continues to grow its customer base.

Overall, Premier has a wonderful group of customers whose business we earn every day by providing them unparalleled service, being flexible and proactive in our execution, and building long-lasting mutually-beneficial partnerships. We have long standing relationships with many fortune 500 companies, yet we also work closely with the smallest startups, just as we once were. This is why we can truly say that we are a large, female owned, professional packaging company with a small, family-based personality.

As of 2017, the Premier family has been in business for over 30 years, consists of hundreds of employees, and maintains 3 facilities in three strategic regions. Many of our employees and customers have been with us for over 20 years, and we attribute most of our success to the loyalty we share with each other.

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